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Special Agent, FBI – Retired 226 Lake Forest Way Louisville, TN 37777

Richard F. Qulia

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Business Polygraphs

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Business Polygraph Examinations

Business Polygraph Examinations are commonplace however, they fall under different legal guidelines. The United States Congress passed a law in 1988 entitled the “Employee Polygraph Protection Act.” Prior to 1988, businesses could require their employees to take a polygraph examination any time regardless if they were suspected of theft. Many small businesses routinely subjected their employees to polygraph examinations to deter thefts prior to 1988. Congress passed a law in 1988 to prevent the excessive use of polygraph examinations in this regard and therefore employees must (1) have “access” to any missing money or goods and (2) you must suspect them of being associated with a loss to the company.

I have performed many polygraph examinations for companies that have sustained a loss and have successfully obtained confessions and/or prosecutions and/or return of funds/products. Companies have identified which employees they can “trust" and which employees have been stealing from them through my polygraph services. I will be happy to explain the polygraph process to you and provide you with the appropriate information to get you started if you have experienced a loss due to an employee.

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