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Special Agent, FBI – Retired 226 Lake Forest Way Louisville, TN 37777

Richard F. Qulia

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Criminal Defense Polygraphs

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As a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation I investigated criminal cases for the Department of Justice for over 32 years. Since my retirement in 2004, I have provided private, confidential polygraph examinations for Criminal Defense attorneys and Public Defender offices. I have also testified as an Expert Witness in “Use of Force" cases due to my background as an instructor at the FBI Academy regarding this subject matter.

Many Criminal Defense attorneys have used my expertise as a polygraph examiner to determine the truth in criminal cases where their clients were “over charged” or where false allegations were made against them in cases such as sexual assault or sexual abuse.

Attorneys have successfully used a "Passed" polygraph examination report as an effective, direct negotiation tool with the prosecution. Polygraph is also used to determine the “ground truth” concerning a potential client’s version of facts when considering if you want to represent that person. It is also used in determining the truth in marriage disputes.

I have been involved in many Child Protective Service cases where family members, especially in divorce cases, are accused of various sexual offenses and a 'Passed' polygraph report is the only means to determine the truth.

When the truth matters, a polygraph examination by a qualified, experienced, professional is the only way to establish the truth.

Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss your cases. I will explain the process further and answer any questions you may have.