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Special Agent, FBI – Retired 226 Lake Forest Way Louisville, TN 37777

Richard F. Qulia

Private Investigation and Polygraph Company

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Personal Relationship Polygraphs

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Examinations for Relationships and Fidelity Matters

What are Relationship/ Fidelity tests all about?

Fidelity relationships between two individuals are complex and need to be taken seriously. Everyone in a personal relationship needs to know the truth and Polygraph examinations will establish the TRUTH. The most important thing to remember about the polygraph examination process is that you will know THE TRUTH immediately following the examination.

In addition, you will also receive a written polygraph report indicating the relevant questions asked and the ultimate outcome of the examination that you can use as you wish.

What do I have to consider next?

The process is easy.

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My office number is (865) 233-4960.
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That is all you need to get started. Remember, a polygraph examination is the unbiased assessment of the truth. Everyone deserves the unbiased truth and every relationship's foundation is based on the truth.

Give me a call and I will happily discuss your situation. I will answer all your questions and you can then decide if this is the best solution for you.

I have been lied to so often, I think my spouse is a professional liar and can beat the Polygraph Examination!

I retired as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2004 and have conducted between 1,000-2,000 polygraph examinations. I also worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency for five years and I am the most educated and experienced polygrapher in eastern Tennessee. I can tell you, your spouse or partner cannot defeat a polygraph examination regardless of what he/she tells you. I have been trained in countermeasures over the past 20 years and I can attest that I have never seen anyone, even another polygraph examiner, successfully administer countermeasures during a polygraph examination.